Financial Modeling Workshops

Author: Parker Mathes

On February 4th and 11th earlier this semester, the Wall Street Club partnered with NDIGI to host its first ever Financial Modeling Workshop series for sophomores and juniors. Private equity and investment banking professionals, including recent alumni Andrew Lee (Credit Suisse), Connor Milligan (Credit Suisse), and Wayne Huang (Greenhill), returned to campus to teach a course on building the barebones of an LBO model. This modeling program will serve as a critical tool for interview preparation for those entering recruiting in the fall and as a refresher to those entering internships this summer.

In addition to building the model, course instructors provided insight on internship and full-time private equity recruiting, stressing the importance of preparation before hitting the desk. With resounding positive feedback on the course, the Wall Street Club looks to bring back this modeling course in the fall/spring of next school year, free of cost. In the mean time, if you were unable to attend the course and find yourself looking for modeling workshop materials, we encourage you to reach out to the club at