Goldman Sachs Information Session

Author: Parker Mathes

During the Wall Street Club meeting on Tuesday, March 28th, representatives from Goldman Sachs hosted a panel as a follow-up to their information session on Monday night. Recent Notre Dame alumni Paul Mascarenhas, Enrique Marquez, Alessandro DiSanto, and many more discussed the new interview format and accelerated recruiting timeline (July 15th). As a recap for any freshman or sophomore that missed the meeting, applications for Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking, Securities, and Investment Management divisions open July 15th. As the representatives discussed, it is crucial to submit an application as close to July 15th as possible. It will be extremely beneficial to be prepared for interviews by this date as well.

It is important to note that during the coming school year, the internship recruiting process will be accelerated for most investment banks that recruit on campus. While it is important for students to adjust their preparation timeline, the Wall Street Club board looks forward to helping out in all ways possible. For those interested in more information on the Goldman meeting or seeking guidance in the recruiting process, we encourage you to contact the club at!