Wall Street Club Trip to New York

Author: Connor Milligan

On March 31st and April 1st, members of the Wall Street Club Leadership Board had the opportunity to travel to New York to visit with eight prestigious firms across the buy-side.  The trip included visits to private equity funds, asset managers, and hedge funds.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn more about the world of finance and to network with Notre Dame alumni.


The trek began on Thursday with trips to Ares Management, the Jordan Company, Carlyle Group, and D.E. Shaw.  The visits began with the hosts speaking about their backgrounds and giving an overview of their firms. Each was also followed by a Q&A session, which gave the board members a chance to learn more about each individual firm’s culture and network.  The hosts gave great advice on how to succeed and also had great perspective on how to go about choosing a career once out of school.  As Andrew Lee said, “The trip was an incredible opportunity to gain insight on the different kinds of investment firms on the buy-side.  Hearing from several wildly successful Notre Dame alumni and learning more about their stories and backgrounds made for an experience that I am truly grateful for.”


The visit continued into Friday with trips to Permira, Solamere Capital, American Industrial Partners, and Black Rock, where the travelling members met with Notre Dame alumni at each firm.  The diversity of firms visited gave the students a better understanding on different potential career paths and what kind of candidate each firm is looking for.  It also provided a great chance for the hosts to gain insight on how the club is doing on campus.  As Matt Siatczynski said, “The Notre Dame network is fantastic and provides great opportunities on Wall Street.  The alumni we met with are always looking for ways to help out the (Wall Street) club, and we are always looking for advice from them.  This trip provided the dialogue needed to further improve the way we prepare students on campus.”


The trip was a great success and the travelling members of the Wall Street Club not only got to meet with very successful Notre Dame alumni, but also had the chance to learn more about different career paths and asset classes.  This will vastly help the club to improve upon how they prepare students for jobs after school and how to successfully build a career on Wall Street.


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