Wall Street Forum

Author: Benjamin Conrad

“I was six months in as an analyst and I was truly enjoying the quantitative aspects and real world applications of the work I was doing.  I love my job and I haven’t looked back”—Chris Doolin, Vice President at Credit Suisse

On Wednesday September 23rd, the Wall Street Club hosted the Wall Street forum, their marquee event of the year.  Representatives from all levels and divisions of each of the eight bulge bracket banks were in attendance at the Jordan Auditorium in the Mendoza College of Business.  Eight senior employees from each bank hosted a one-hour question and answer panel that gave students more insight on a banker’s day-to-day life, the changes within the financial services industry and how to better prepare for their own careers.  A short networking session in the Mendoza lobby followed, offering students the chance to speak with multiple members of each bank and discover more about the distinct fields of Wall Street.  There was a strong showing of students from all grade levels as well as those majoring in Finance, Economics, Engineering, and many other unique disciplines.  In all, 212 students turned out to the Wall Street Forum, of which 134 were juniors seeking internship opportunities for Summer 2016.