Student Wall Street Panel

Author: Ben Conrad


“Speaking with individuals about their position and their day-to-day life as an analyst was the single most important thing I did during the recruitment process. They want to teach you, so let them!” –Sara Brown, Incoming Sales & Trading Analyst at Wells Fargo

On Monday September 21st, Wall Street Club hosted the Wall Street Panel directed at freshmen, sophomores and juniors interested in landing an internship in the financial services industry.  The panel comprised of eight seniors from varying majors, backgrounds, ethnicities and positions that interned with bulge bracket banks in locations throughout the country.  Each of the bulge bracket banks was represented with an incoming analyst from the Private Wealth Management, Sales & Trading or Investment Banking divisions.  The experienced seniors discussed everything from best practices for networking with alumni to what their day-to-day job was like.  After the event, prospective students were able to ask specific questions to panel members about their respective division and bank.  Students used this time to gain exposure to the distinct differences between divisions/banks and to prepare for the Wall Street Forum on September 24th.