Impact on Undergraduates


The Wall Street Club offers various opportunities for each grade level. Freshmen are encouraged to join the club to gain initial exposure to careers on Wall Street, build a resume, and establish valuable relationships with upperclassmen. Sophomores within the club typically attend information sessions, networking trips, and workshops, gaining valuable experience with interviews and developing technical skillsets. Juniors continue to attend speaker sessions and are offered advice on how to best approach their summer internships by meeting with senior mentors in the club. Finally, seniors are encouraged to become mentors to underclassmen, in addition to attending speaker series and networking events with firms on campus. 

Full-Time and Internship Placement

As students progress through the club and through their time at Notre Dame, they are able to recruit for internships and full-time opportunities. Since its founding in 2010, the Wall Street Club has worked with the Center for Career Development and the Investment Office to increase the number of full-time placements in financial services from 81 in 2010 to 250 in 2018. The club has also focused on increasing internship placement in financial services: 405 Notre Dame undergraduate students accepted summer internships in financial services in 2018, as compared to 111 in 2010. 

The Wall Street Club Board has implemented various initiatives to highlight alternative careers on Wall Street. The club has also worked to increase awareness surrounding opportunities for athletes, women, and Arts and Letters students in financial services. 

Full Time Placements

Intern Placement Final