The Wall Street Club also hosts several annual events. The networking treks provide exploration opportunities for students interested in careers in financial services, the modeling workshop helps students develop critical finance skills, and the Women's Investing Summit offers an opportunity for further exploration of finance careers.  

Networking Treks

Programs Trek 72

Over winter break, the co-presidents each led a networking trip for groups of selected sophomores in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. In each city, the group visited firms in varying sectors of financial services. The San Francisco trek, led by Johnny Mullen (’19) and Daniel Crooks (’19) met technology-focused firms including Coatue, Accel, DBO Partners, and Union Square. The Chicago trek, led by Meg Horne (’19), visited firms primarily in the boutique and middle market space, such as Perella Weinberg, Lazard, and William Blaire. The New York trek, led by Conor Hogan (’19), visited many large banks including Goldman, J.P. Morgan, Citi, and Bank of America. These trips are intended to aid in sophomore’s networking and recruiting efforts.

Wall Street Club board members also led a group of twenty freshmen to New York City. The group visited firms in varying sectors of financial services including Private Equity, Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Wealth Management. Conor Holahan (’22) said, “The vast variety of firms that we visited gave us a nuanced understanding of company cultures and the interview process.” At each firm, students met with many Notre Dame alumni. These professionals offered an overview of their practice, pieces of advice, and introduced the students to living and working in New York City. Participants included intended Finance majors as well as students in Arts and Letters hoping to gain insight into a possible career in Finance. Isabelle Tonetti (’22), an ACMS major, said the trip “changed and solidified what I want to do after college.”  

Modeling Workshop

Programs Modeling Workshop Lost In Sauce

Each year the Wall Street club, along with NDIGI, put on an Investment Banking Bootcamp and Modeling Workshop. The workshop is offered in February and is a two day event—typically taking place on a Saturday and Sunday. The workshop is application only and is intended for sophomores and freshmen. The workshop is offered at no cost, while similar external programs can be quite expensive.

The workshop is designed to teach students valuation and financial modeling skills. The workshop is intended to provide students with practical experience to become effective analysts in their internships and full time jobs. Emmet Coyle, Markets and Skills Workshop VP, hosted the workshop with help from Notre Dame alumni currently working in the industry. The workshop was application only and intended especially for sophomores.

Women's Investing Summit


The inaugural Women’s Investing Summit took place on Friday, March 22nd. The Wall Street Club, NDIGI, Smart Woman Securities, and the Investment Club co-sponsored the event. The Summit was intended as an opportunity for students interested in finance to learn more about a career in investing. The event is open to undergraduate students of all majors, as well as to faculty and alumni.

The Summit entailed multiple panel discussions as well as two keynote speakers. The panel discussions focused around investment ideas, private equity trends and deals, impact investing, and innovative business models. Speakers were from firms such as Goldman Sachs, Long Pine Capital, Golden Gate Capital, The Carlyle Group and many more.