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The Wall Street Club Vice Presidents focus on the various aspects of exploring and preparing for careers in financial services. The resources below highlight the role of each VP and include relevant information that serve as an overview for interested students.

Alternative Careers

The Alternative Careers Officer aims to provide support and guidance for those students interested in careers outside of the traditional investment banking, sales and trading, and private wealth management jobs. These include areas such as private equity, real estate, and various buyside positions. Each year, the officer hosts an informational meeting for underclassmen on the different careers, including a panel of upperclassmen who have had alternative experience. Additionally, they offer continual support for students by communicating internship opportunities available, mentoring on networking and resumes, and otherwise guiding preparation for alternative career internship and full-time interviews. 

WSC Alternative Careers Presentation

Interview Preparation

Th VP of Interview Preparation is centered around preparing students for any interview they may have - from first round behavioral interviews with a bulge bracket bank, super-day interviews at a boutique investment bank, or a phone screen for an asset management firm. We mentor students throughout the year to ensure they were both fully prepared for any variation of technical/behavioral interview question and also were able to properly communicate their 'story' and differentiate themselves. This culminated in an 'investment banking recruiting workshop' in which presented the nuances of the recruiting process to sophomore students in the Mendoza College of Business and prepared them for the accelerated recruitment process.

WSC Interview Prep

WSC IB Crash Course 2020

Markets and Skills

The VP of Skills and Markets has two main functions. First, the VP is in charge of organizing and running the Modeling series workshop in conjunction with NDIGI. This requires contacting and coordinating with former alumni in order for them to help lead the sessions.  In addition, the modeling workshop requires other senior help and other logistical challenges. The second function or the VP of Skills and Markets is to give occasional market updates during the weekly Wall Street Club meetings.

Financial Modeling Seminar 2020

Financial Modeling Seminar Excel (Student) 2020

Financial Modeling Seminar Excel (Key) 2020


The mentoring Vice President is in charge of the Wall Street Club's mentor program. The mentor program pairs senior mentors who have just finished their internships with freshmen and sophomore students who are seeking to learn more about careers on Wall Street and recruiting. Underclassmen are paired with mentors based on the division and location they are interested in potentially working. Mentees can reach out to their mentors informally throughout the year with any questions they may have. 

If you are interested in being assigned a senior mentor, please fill out this form or email our mentor program leaders, Brennan Smith ( and Max Cooper ( 


The Vice President of Diversity Outreach is one of the newer positions on the WSC board and was created during the 2018-2019 school year to strengthen our initiative of increasing female participation in the finance industry. One of the substantial responsibilities is to partner with other finance clubs on campus, resulting in the creation of the first annual Women in Investing Summit that featured speakers and panelist from leading companies such as Goldman Sachs, The Carlyle Group, Golden Gate Capital, Putnam Investments, and many more. In addition, several meetings target women such as a women’s panel of seniors who will be working in finance and an information session on the Girls Who Invest program featuring girls who had previously participated in the program. 

Another area in which this position aims to cover is the outreach of international students on Wall Street. By collaborating with International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA), the club was able to sit in a career panel of international students in various colleges going into different industries. As a representative of the WSC, the Diversity VP is tasked with highlighting the unique opportunities and difficulties in getting a job in wall street as an international student. 

WSC Diversity Outreach

Non-Business Majors

The Vice-President of Non-Business Outreach is tasked with being the liaison between non-business majors at Notre Dame and opportunities in the financial services industry. Responsibilities include developing workshops and panels to increase awareness of opportunities within the industry, meeting with non-business underclassmen that are hoping to get into the field, and continuing the dialogue with non-business major department heads in order to deliver communications to students within various academic branches.

WSC Non Business

Underclassman Outreach

The Vice Presidents for Underclassmen Outreach, seek to introduce younger students to the variety of opportunities available on Wall Street. Educating students early and connecting them with resources on campus has become increasingly important as the internship recruiting process moved up for many areas of finance in recent years.

In addition to meeting with students individually and presenting at select WSC meetings, we also partnered with the Notre Dame career center to host bi-weekly freshman learning labs. During these hour-long sessions, we provided an overview of the different areas of finance and spoke about our own recruiting and internship experiences. Another important aspect of our position is to guide students in taking the next steps in their career discernment process, for example attending company information sessions, joining other business clubs, or connecting with qualified upperclassmen.

WSC Underclassman Outreach


The student athlete liaison for the Wall Street Club assists student athletes in getting internships and full time jobs in the financial services industry. Student athletes are at a particular disadvantage in an environment where most students have multiple internship experiences on their resumes prior to applying for full time jobs. Student athletes are often expected to be on campus over the summer, giving them limited opportunities to get the same work experience as other students. The best resource for younger student athletes to navigate the career search and interview processes is upper-class student athletes who have recently gone through the unique process.


This year the club rolled out new initiatives for student athletes. Individual meetings and group sessions as well as small panel discussions have been continued from previous years. The goal of these meetings is to give high-level advice and career discernment thoughts to younger student athletes. A series of mock interviews were also conducted to support student athletes currently in the interview process. A new initiative this year was the addition of the student athlete externship program. The program is a 2-week externship in New York City with a hedge fund managed by a Notre Dame graduate in the period of time between the end of the spring semester and the start of summer school. In its first year, 4 student athletes from various sports teams were selected and will participate in the program. The program will expand to different geographies and greater scale in the coming years.


WSC Student Athlete Finance Advice

Other Resources

In addition to the Wall Street Club, there are several other organizations that are open to students. A few of those groups are listed below, and we encourage you to get involved and further explore careers, build financial skills, and give back to the community.

Other Clubs, Organizations and Resources